So excited to announce that my bestest friend is engaged!! It happened last week and I have been keeping my mouth shut so that she could tell people before I plastered it all over the internet (aren't I thoughtful :P). I'm ever so excited for her to embark on such a beautiful journey, and I will be there along side to help wherever I am needed. I am so incredibly grateful to have a friend like her, and even more grateful that she could find such an amazing partner for life! Congratulations Cady and DJ! I love you both so much and this is going to be somuchfun!!!

What does this mean for you? Expect countless DIY wedding crafts and constant updates on her dress... which she has ASKED ME TO MAKE! yes. You heard correctly. shit's 'bout to get real. I am shaking in excitement just thinking about it :D

Some etsy wedding porn? don't mind if I do:

1.Here Comes the Bride Morgan Hill Designs
2.High/Low Hem Peppermint Pretty
3. Beautiful Beaded Bodice Vintage Opulence
4.Short Lace Overlay Ting Bridal

Going on a thrifting spree today.. I'll keep you posted.

--Bitty <3 

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Ester DurĂ£es said...

oh I love that second photo! thanks for sharing :)

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