Mother's Day

This weekend we are having a fundraiser to raise money for our trip to a children's home (sort of like an orphanage) in Chiang Mai, Thailand called BBF. This will be my sixth time visiting the kids and the truth is, I absolutely love them to death!

Ford's new campaign, Drive One 4UR Community is amazing. You find a time and place and Ford provides you with 5 or 6 brand new vehicles to get people to test drive. Each person to sign up to drive one gets you $20 out of Ford's pocket! Isn't that just great!

So for this fundraiser, seeing as it is being held the day before Mother's Day (Yes, it's this Sunday!!, you're welcome) I figured I might as well make something to sell for such a grand occasion. Enter: flowers!

 Everybody likes flowers right? Add some custom spray paint and some cute hearts and you got some perfect mother's day planters! I've always loved the idea of receiving a living pot of plants rather than cut flowers and with cute designs like this, how can you go wrong?

 If you're still looking for a loving and thoughtful gift for your mom, why not make her a custom planter filled with her favorite plants? All it takes is spray paint and some stencils (I made all of mine, but I'm sure you can buy them if you're nervous to try)! Hint: make sure to wait for the first layer of paint to dry before adding your stencil. Also, you may have to do multiple layers if your paint is thin.

To learn more about the project in Thailand, visit The Home Of Open Skies.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

If you try it out, I would love to see what you come up with!!

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