Can we please just slow down?


How can we go from playing dress up to getting wasted in such a short time. How can sex go from an awkward subject we have to learn about from the wrinkly old nurse, to a regular activity you hear about all the time.... from your friends? How can a car go from a bright pink toy that you keep all your barbie gear in, to a really expensive necessity? How can drinking go from meaning drinking a juice box, to meaning getting intoxicated and partying with your friends. Since when does smashed no longer mean when something breaks? Since when is it wrong to have a sleepover with a boy? How long has this thing been going on where we have to get jobs? That is not flying well with me!! How come nobody told me that you need to have a steady boyfriend as soon as you hit this age because all your friends will and if you don't, you better hope to God that you have a hobbie, 'cause basically you're not gonna have any friends anymore. Sometimes I'll walk to the park and swing on the swings cause I remember how fun it was... sometimes I'll dress up and then just sit at home, cause I remember how fun it was... sometimes I still turn on N*Sync or the Spice Girls (which reminds me.. when did boy bands go out.. can you even imagine being in highschool while boy bands were in.. I just can't even imagine that!! Were they even cool in highschools?! I was in elementary when they came out so I don't even know!). Sometimes I actually wish I was 5 again.

I always get so upset when I hear one of my friends talking about moving out, or talking about how they are so excited to grow up so they can do this or get that or whatever... because, why wish that you were older.. when you get that old, you're just gonna wish you were younger again. Then I get to thinking and I realise that wishing you were younger is just as bad as wishing you were older, maybe even worse. At least when you're wishing to be older you are making plans and thinking about your future. When you're wishing you're younger all that's on your mind is toys and Disney and cookies. I think that I'm gonna spend the rest of my life focusing on the now. Not the now meaning me being seventeen, but the now meaning whatever age I am, I'll embrace it, take full advantage of every second. Sure, I'll still have memories and sure, I'll still have goals and hopes for the future, but I will love my age the way it is and I will take full advantage of it!


Stereotypical hippie?

So, I've always thought of my self as not very stereotypical. Recently, however, I've realized that I could possibly just the opposite. I'm reading the Gossip Girl series at the moment, and in the second book, there is this character introduced named Aaron. He is a hippie kid with dreads, he is a vegan and he wears controversial slogans on his clothes and he's all into stuff that's good for the Earth. I have dreads and wear moccasins and am a vegetarian and yesterday my brother's girlfriend was like, wow you're really die hard into this hippie thing, and yeah.. how could I not see this happening? I just don't understand, how can I just accidentally fall into a stereotype like this? Sure I recycle, but I've always recycled. I cried when I was little whenever we had to cut down a Christmas tree, so we always had a potted tree. And it's just like... can you be born into a stereotype?! Is that even possible? Man... what makes somebody a hippie anyways?! Jeez I don't even know if I mind that I was born into this stereotype. It's kinda like I'm happy about it. But I just am a little weirded out that I can fit so perfectly into a stereotype just like that... hmm whatever.. gives me something to think about...


modest mouse..

Modest Mouse - The World at Large

This song is so fricken rad. Just the way that it starts blows my mind, come on now "Ice-age heat wave"?! That's brilliant. Modest Mouse is one of the most lyrically talented bands I listen to because it seems as though their songs are really thought out. I was talking about Modest Mouse today with some of my friends and we were talking about how they have such bad vocals, but in a perfect way, because it is as though their vocals suit the music perfectly and suit what they are saying perfectly. It's as though the lyrics have a certain sense of realism so it makes their music seem more real than another
band, makes it seem like they mean what they are saying more and I think it is just really rad how they just giver basically.

Check out the song on youtube here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FNxa9pFwimk

You can view the lyrics here: http://www.lyrics007.com/Modest%20Mouse%20Lyrics/The%20World%20at%20Large%20Lyrics.html

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