sow awesome!

We have been working on a garden. And not just any garden... a vegetable garden. All the seeds are 100% organic and we aren't using any types of pesticides or insecticides. 

We started some of the seeds inside and made seedlings before planting them outside (as seen here with the snap peas and lettuce in the little cardboard planters to be transplanted). We are learning a lot and it is both a very humbling and a very exciting experience. 

Did I mention I had E helping me out? I love this girl. She has recently adopted a likeness to assuming this position when posing for a camera. I brought her to class at the end of the semester to model my children's clothes for my final presentation, and she was just eating up the attention with this pose.

She's just so darn cute. And one of the best little artists ever. I applied some of her custom art onto the pocket of the a-line dress I made.. now it's hanging in the display window at my university. That means she has her art displayed in a university! At four! Go E!

We still have a few things to transplant, including the hilly vegetables like pumpkin and squash... but it's exciting to actually start seeing things in the ground! I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Hope you're all having a good week! Go outside to see what's growing where you live.. plants are amazing!

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