Clementine Poppywater

As I've mentioned before, we are currently studying and making jackets and school right now. I have been so inspired scouring the web searching for beautiful and inspiring collars, pockets and details and developing my target customer. Clementine Poppywater is the name of my "client" and here is a mood board developed by what tastes I think she would have:

I think I would like Clementine Poppywater, what do you guys think?

BitTTY bitz Xox


Dress Smart!

First week of school is over (I surviiived!!) and I'm getting more and more excited about schooltime clothes that I don't really wear when I'm not at school. I absolutely love this owl dress and I have wanted a solid pair of hunters for years! 

1. Owl Be Loving You (($109.99) Modcloth
2.Elbow Patch Schoolboy Blazer in Houndstooth (($268)) JCrew
3.Coloured Denim (($19)) Joefresh
4.Lean & Mean Pant (($116)) Obey
5.Morning Glow Open Knit Sweater Ruche ((46.99$)) 
6. Authentic Lo Pro TC (($50)) Vans
7.Ecote Suede Loafer 
(($39.00)) UrbanOutfitters  

8.Original Tall Gloss Hunters (($139)) Hunter

What clothes have you excited for the new school year?
-Bittybitzz XOX


The dress totally fit!

And boy was it beautiful!! I'm still buzzing from all the happy highs.
There is just something about weddings: everybody is so happy and talking about love, there is good music and good friends. It really gives you the warm fuzzies.
Now that I'm done that dress, I can go back to being a slave to school. We're doing jackets right now. I never knew how many types of pockets and collars there were. One thing that's good about school? Browsing style.com is considered homework. 8)

What are you guys browsing?
-Bitty <3 


The time has come..

Hey guys! I'm happy to present the first of a 4 part series on cool school swag that I'm currently coveting ..I mean, if we have to go back, we can at least make the transition pleasurable, right? ;) 

There is just something so magical about the proper accessory.. the power they hold to transform entire outfits.. *ahhhhhh* 
4.Legacy Leather iPad Clutch (($178@Coach))
5.Ribbed Modal Over the Knee Socks(($15.00@AmericanApparel))

What accessories have you drooling at your desk while simultaneously ignoring your homework?

XOX-Bittybittzzzzzzz .. :)

back to school!

Au revoir summer. You were sweet and blissful and I learned so much from you. We grew and transformed together, and I am left with bittersweet anticipation for a new year of experience and learning about something that I love so much.

 Cheers to a new school year and get your smart girl disguises on because it's gonna be a long ride.
XO- Bitz <3

PS: I have some good things planned for this month ;)
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