As I've mentioned before, I'm going to Thailand this summer to visit and help out some of my favorite kids. What I haven't mentioned is that afterwords we are heading over to Malaga, Spain to go to one of my best friends weddings! I thought I couldn't be more excited, until I started booking the flight from Bangkok to Malaga. As it is such a long distance, almost all the flights have layovers and some for long enough to jump out and take a looky-look! Certain layover cities have been catching my eye, namely Moscow and Helsinki. I'm now researching both to find out which is cooler. Finland has good posters, but Russia has matryoshka dolls!

On another note, have you seen Paloma Picasso's collection for Tiffany's? She's the youngest daughter to the famous Pablo Picasso, who I also just learned was born in Malaga. I hear they have two Picasso originals in the art gallery a city over from me, I must check that out. Weird how you can learn something new and then it constantly pops up in your life, I guess you just notice it more. 

Anybody been to either or both of these cities, got any advice?
Thanks for reading, xo Bittybitsss.

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Looky look ha me likey like.

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