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Well it's coming down to it and I have entered full factory mode. With less than a week before I leave for Thailand, I have all the pieces of the dress cut and ready to go!

Today was a boring and stressful day, first doing millions of stitch tests on the slippery silk satin and then trying to find a trick to stop the thin slick liner silk from getting sucked in the bobbin hole of my machine. I eventually remembered a trick I read on the good ol' internets a few months ago that said to put a piece of tissue paper under the elusive fabric while stitching and just rip it off afterwards. Thank you internets!

Only one week left and I feel like I still have so much to do! On the dress, and to prepare for the three weeks I'm about to spend in South East Asia. So much excitement!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
-Bittybitsss xxooxx

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Charlotte said...

3 weeks on holiday sounds AMAZING! I hope you have the best time :) xx

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